Spring 2017

Lab Meetings: Fridays 2:30-3:45pm
Journal Club: Fridays 4:15-5:30pm


When What Who Details
March 3rd Symposium Public symposium on Social Evolution and Genome Complexity

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Full Schedule:

When What Who Details
January 6th Journal Club David Murphy Campos et al. 2016 Estimating the parameters of background selection and selective sweeps in Drosophila in the presence of gene conversion.
January 13th Lab Meeting Fernando Racimo Detecting polygenic adaptation in an admixture graph
Journal Club Zachary Baker Larson et al. 2016 The composite regulatory basis of the large X-effect in mouse speciation. Mol Bio Evol.
January 27th Lab Meeting Joe Pickrell Methods for scaling genome-wide association studies using ultra-low-coverage sequencing and mobile phenotyping
February 10th Lab Meeting Diego Hartasanchez Modeling and simulation of interlocus gene conversion
Journal Club Ipsita Agarwal Lynch et al. 2016 Genetic drift, selection and the evolution of the mutation rate. Nature Review Genetics.
February 17th Lab Meeting Jeremy Berg How Natural Selection has Impacted the Evolution of Anthropometric Traits
Journal Club Yuki Haba Miles et al. 2016 Natural diversity of the malaria vector Anopheles gambiae. BioRxiv.
March 3rd Symposium Public symposium on Social Evolution and Genome Complexity
March 10th Lab Meeting
Journal Club Felix Wu TBD
March 24th Lab Meeting
Journal Club Fernando Racimo Robinson et al. 2016 Genetic evidence of assortative mating in humans. Nature Human Behavior.
March 31st Lab Meeting
Journal Club Hakhamanesh Mostafavi Kong et al. 2016 Selection against variants in the genome associated with educational attainment. PNAS.
April 7th Lab Meeting
Journal Club
April 14th Lab Meeting
Journal Club
April 21st Lab Meeting
Journal Club
April 28th Lab Meeting
Journal Club

For examples of topics previously discussed by our lab, please view schedules from previous semesters.

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